Croft Fan Film

Croft 676x450

For the first posting, I felt it was only right that I start things off with a bang and share my absolute favorite Fan Film thus far . . . Croft.  This just HAS to be the first one to share and it must be now!  If you have not watched this film yet then you are in for a treat!  You can thank me later.

A 2013 Fan Film by CanCinema, it is based on the Lara Croft video game series.  The heroine must battle numerous mercenaries to save a young girl being held hostage.  The film stars Cassandra Ebner who is just outstanding portraying our heroine who gives everything she has to try and save the young hostage.  Kudos to the directing of Trevor Addie, as the action is excellent and absolutely fun to watch.  It is a more serious tone and a bit more gritty versus the Hollywood version that came out years back, but I find it so much better.  Everyone in the film just does an amazing job.  Hold on to your socks because 20 minutes never felt so short!




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