Darth Maul Apprentice – A Star Wars Film



Writer, Producer, and Director Shawn Bu just dropped a bombshell of a new release to the world of fan film.   I did not know what i was getting into once I hit play, but simply put, this fan film is amazing!

Darth Maul is a character in which Star Wars fans have always wished had more screen time.  His look is probably the most coolest and menacing out of all the Star Wars characters out there.  Plus, he wielded a unique double-bladed light sabre.  Well, my fellow Star Wars fans, this is the extra time you have waited for.  Here we are presented with a bit of a back story on Darth Maul as we see him embark on a mission that sees him battling a group of Jedi.  Writer, Producer, and Director Shawn Bu did not pull any punches.  Kudos to Ben Schamma as he has the looks and feel of Darth Maul to a tee.  And those eyes . . . stunning!

The choreography is excellent, along with the great cinematography and enjoyable soundtrack.  This is something they could have put together for Phantom Menace and the fans would have drooled over it.  It is that enjoyable.  Also, the short time we get with the Jedi here is a memorable one.  There are a few unique characters that really stand out from the bunch.

I really can’t recommend this one enough.  Whether you are into Fan Films or not, you need to watch it.  Shoot, I’m going to go watch it again!

Check it out below:


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