Avengers vs X-Men: Epic Fan Film Trailer

The gang over at ScreenRant have released another fun Fan Film Trailer. This time it is Avengers vs X-Men Supercut.

The epic battle has been delivered a number of times in Marvel Comics, but due to the competitive right between Disney and Fox, this is more than likely not going to happen on the big screen. This is what makes the fan films so much fun as we can actually get an idea of what an epic battle of this magnitude can look like!  Wolverine vs Hulk, Jean Grey vs Scarlet Witch, Cyclops vs Iron Man, it’s all here and much, much more!

ScreenRant.com’s Tag: The X-Men and The Avengers are both super powered teams, but what would happen in the characters from their respective movie universes were to face off in an ultimate battle? Who would reign supreme as Marvel’s truly most powerful team? Our supercut trailer gives an exclusive look and what this might just look like!

Enjoy the epic battle below:

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