Fan Film Friday: City of Scars

Welcome to Fan Film Friday!

This week I’ve chosen the fan film, City of Scars (AKA Batman: City of Scars).  This is a 2010 fan film produced by Aaron and Sean Schoenke, and written and directed by Aaron Schoenke.  The 30 minute film was shot in 21 days off of a budget of $27,000.  Kevin Porter is excellent as Batman/Bruce Wayne.  No growling voice from Kevin here, just a low voice and a big presence.

In this fan film, the Joker escapes from Arkham, kidnaps a councilman, and causes a murder, which leads to Batman going on the hunt. Batman does question whether his fight against evil does more bad than good.  A very enjoyable film and one of the better Batman fan films.



Also included is the theme song from the Fan Film, entitled “City of Scars” by Madelynn Rae.  It is a great song that, musically and vocally, fits the tone of the film.   Give it a listen below!



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