New Supergirl Clip with Superman Brings Plenty of Heroism

The first Supergirl Season 2 clip has arrived (Courtesy of EW) and there is no time wasted as Superman appears in the very first episode of the new season.

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg says, “The two of them actually show up to the same crisis.”  He adds, “It’s not a turf war, they just both heard about the same tragedy on the news and both flew into action.”  It’s good to see Andrew Kreisberg and the Supergirl team gets it.  There is no need for a “Battle of the Ages” to bring these two together.  Most importantly, everything I want to see from Superman and Supergirl is shown in this short clip.  The willingness to fight the good fight, to actually want to save people, to . .  be a hero.  This is what I want to see from our Man and Woman of Steel.  This CW nails Superman better in this 2 minute clip, than the recent 2 1/2 hour grudge match of a film that came out earlier this year.  Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) has already done a fabulous job as Supergirl and I’m really interested in seeing the chemistry between Tyler Hoechlin (Superman) and Melissa Benoist play out.  Time will tell if the show truly does hit home with this super pairing, but so far, it looks like they have.  Seeing these two working together as family and as heroes is breathtaking.

See the clip below!

 Supergirl Season 2 Premiers on the CW October 10th.



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