Supergirl Soars to New Heights with Season 2 Debut

This review contains spoilers for this episode of Supergirl.

Supergirl made her debut on The CW last night and it did not disappoint.  The CW truly is the best home for Supergirl and as one could probably tell from all the promos, trailers, and advertising, they were not holding back.

What better way to spark some interest to her new home than bringing in the Man of Steel himself. Bringing Supeman into the fold did not take away from Supergirl and her cast at all.  If anything, it made the show even warmer as the inclusion of Superman brings some family bonding from Krypton (outside of the emails) leading to more fun and emotion from Kara.  Plus it only makes sense that if a family member is near they’re going to come to visit from time to time, whether it is for family time or to help with saving the day.

I will say that given a smaller budget this time around, there really was not much of a difference between the CBS version and CW’s. The DEO has a new setting and some city backdrops are different, but the effects were still top notch. The biggest difference fans will eventually notice from the move to Vancouver is that Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) will not be a series regular, which is a shame, but she will still be in some episodes and is also here in the season premiere in all her Cat Grant glory.

Most fans have probably already seen the clip from the show involving Superman and Supergirl teaming together to save the shuttle from crash landing. I have seen this before as well (a number of times), and it was equally as exciting seeing it again in the show.  It is such a blast to see the two heroes from Krypton working together to save the day in such Super-like fashion.  I think Kara’s excitement after the save was pretty much how everyone felt as she joyously exclaimed “That was awesome!”  The show is still delivering on the heroics theme, and it is even more fun seeing the two heroes work together to save the shuttle and eventually take down the villain, Corben (Frederick Schmidt). These heroes enjoy being together (even as Clark and Kara) and enjoy saving the day.

Tyler Hoechlin (Superman) fit the role perfectly as Superman. It was obvious the character of Clark Kent/Superman was taken straight from the Richard Donner films which was a great decision and fits the show perfectly.  Tyler has the charm and physique to carry the role and the chemistry between he and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) was natural and fun.  It’s great to see the fun and heroism back with the Man of Steel (versus the Dawn of Justice version) such as when he flies in and shields a family from danger, then stands and gives them a wink before flying off.  It was classic Superman!  I can only assume we will see more of Tyler as the Man of Steel down the road which would surely be a treat for the fans.

Where season 1 dealt a lot with Supergirl finding her place, it seems this season will focus on Kara finding hers, starting with her relationship and career. At the end of last season, James and Kara looked as if they were finally getting together.  Now, it seems that has come to a sudden halt as Kara just cannot find the time for their relationship.  On top of that, after Cat gave Kara a time limit to find her calling in life, Kara has found her calling to be a reporter, like her cousin Clark, and will see how this progresses on the show.  This is what Cat had seen from Kara in the very beginning.  Being a reporter should probably help keep Kara away from being under Cat’s nose as she will be out of the office reporting which will make it easier for Kara to be away for longer periods of time.

On top of this, going forward we should see the Kryptonite conflict between Superman and J’onn J’onzz come to a head as we learned J’onn was the one who decided to keep Kryptonite at the DEO despite Clark’s wishes to have it destroyed. Kara’s father Jeremiah (Dean Cain) seem as if he may not be the same person as before if he is found, as we learn Corben (who was attacking Lena Luthor and eventually shot by Alex) was sent to Cadmus, where a woman revives him and is turning him into a metahuman called Metallo.  Finally, we should learn more about the man in the pod (who comic fans should know him as Mon-El) and what impact he will have on the Girl of Steel.

Overall it was another fun episode for Supergirl which delivered laughs, conflicts, and plenty of heroism. Melissa Benoist continues to deliver big time as the Girl of Steel, bringing a fun and bubbly personality to Kara that is magnetic as one can’t help but smile while watching.  It was a very promising start to Supergirl’s new home with The CW and I look forward to another fun filled season.

Below is the trailer to the next episode.

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