First Look at Amanda Heard as Mera in Justice League

As some of us knew, Amber Heard (The Danish Girl) was selected to play the part of Mera (the Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman’s wife) in the upcoming Justice League film.  Well now we have our first look of what her costume will look like in the upcoming film.  Feast your eyes on the below image provided by Zack Snyder.


The look is incredible to say the least and very close to her actual comic look with the green costume along with her long red hair and headpiece. Mera, as the Queen of Atlantis, has the ability to form “hard water” objects, as well as super strength and powers, and has the ability to control huge amounts of water for a brief amount of time.  Whether or not these exact powers and abilities will be on display in the upcoming films remains to be seen, but so far the look is great.

Amanda Heard will appear as Mera in Justice League in 2017 and again in Aquaman in 2018.


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