Fan Film Friday: Superman Meets Batman (Fan film/Parody)

Welcome to Fan Film Friday!! Today I’m sharing a Fan Film which was released on July 5th 2016, Superman Meets Batman (Fan Film /Parody).

Written and directed by Kenny Baker, the story is basically a satire meeting between Batman and Superman, where Batman is pretty much ridiculed for his abilities in comparison to Superman’s.  Eventually the two decide to work together to take down the Joker.

It really is a fun film to watch and the actors do a great job with their parts. Though I do feel Troy Honeysett (as the Man of Steel) and Carmel Rose (as Lois Lane) stole the show.  I really enjoyed their chemistry and could have sat through a short film with Lois and Clark playing off one another.

The film is professional looking and the small bits of action sequences we get were done exceptionally well. I did enjoy this take on the meeting between these two heroic icons, and wouldn’t mind joining in for another ride if a sequel is in the works.

Check out the film below:


Superman / Clark Kent – Troy Honeysett Batman

  • Bruce Wayne – Rupert Raineri
  • Lois Lane – Carmel Rose
  • The Joker – Christian Serge
  • Bar Manager – Alex Osmond
  • Alfred – Peter Mcallum
  • Hostage – Erin Connor
  • Security Guard – James Mani


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