Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Last Children of Krpton

This Supergirl Review contains spoilers

supergirl_childrenkrpton-1Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) has a lot to smile about. Last week Supergirl’s debut on The CW broke an eight year old ratings record in that time slot with 3.024 million viewers.  The numbers were impressive and so was the show as the pairing of Supergirl with Superman drew plenty of positive criticism and was a blast to watch.  The season 2, episode 2, “The Last Children of Krypton”, did not skip a beat in continuing the fun with Supergirl and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) teaming up together.  Right from the beginning the two heroes are off performing heroic deeds such as extinguishing an out of control fire from a burning building to stopping an armed robbery, and the best part about it . . . They are loving it!  The two are having so much fun working together and as a viewer I was having fun with them.  This is how I want to see my super beings from Krypton.  The CW has just nailed this perfectly, whereas the movies have struggled for so long.  The two are having so much fun, and at one point you actually hear Kara’s laugh through the intercom at the DEO, which was hilarious.  The two are awesome together and we need to see more.

So let’s just cut right to the chase here. After two episodes I think it is safe to say, Tyler Hoechlin is a great Superman.  The man has the charm and physique of the Man of Steel and we really do need to see more of him.  The chemistry between Melissa and Tyler is so good one can actually believe they are family.  In this episode Tyler was able to deliver a bit more emotion from the Man of Steel.  In the previous episode we mostly saw his charm and smiles, this episode Tyler delivered emotions of anger and vulnerability from the Man of Steel.  Such as the dramatic tension that built up between Superman and J’onn J’onzz(David Harewood).  This provided some intense heat which one could feel from Superman’s anger at J’onn for keeping the Kryptonite around, which is now being used against our heroes from Krypton.  This anger eventually cooled down a bit when J’onn joined Superman to a trip to the Fortress of Solitude.  It was really a great moment pulled off by the actors as the two seemed to bond a bit reflecting on how they’re both men who have lost their people, but Superman still can’t trust J’onn as J’onn doesn’t trust him.  When it is Superman’s time to return to Metropolis, the creators did a great job in bringing it full circle.  We were introduced to Tyler as Clark Kent on the show in episode 1 while talking to Mr. White and that is exactly how he makes his exit.  Well done.  Hopefully we are able to see more of Tyler as the Man of Steel again sometime this season.  It was so good, that it would be a travesty not to.

As noted in my review from the last episode the move from CBS to The CW with the smaller budget has not hurt the shows action and special effects at all. If anything, it could be even better.  Case in point, the fight sequence with Alex Danvers’ (Chyler Leigh) last episode and the one she has here with the armed men from Cadmus is outstanding.  The hits are fast, hard, and one can’t help but break a sweat by the time it is over.  I almost felt like I was watching the Black Widow from the Avengers, it was that good.  Then looking at the fight sequence between Supergirl, Superman, J’onn J’onzz, Alex and the two Metallo’s and one can see the creators are not holding back.  Cars are being thrown, super powered beings are flying into one another and throwing each other into walls, and the whole thing is just non-stop action that is done extremely well and I can’t wait to see what more the show can deliver the rest of the season.

With Kara now taking the reporting job, she is introduced to her new boss, Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez). Immediately it is noticed Snapper is not fond of Kara and we find this is due to the fact the job was handed to her.  In a busy room, with no chairs and a scribbled board, he gives Kara an earful on how she hasn’t earned the right to be a reporter (which makes sense).  Eventually Kara provides Snapper a write-up and, after calling by her new nickname, “ponytail”, and tells her he doesn’t like her, she is able to keep her job.  This seems similar to the Perry White/Clark Kent relationship and is really going to be fun to watch develop.

With the set moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, it was widely known that Calista Flockhart, who plays Cat Grant, would not be around much for the show (due to family) and will become more of a supporting character. This episode she steps down as the head at Cat Co. to take some time away.  There is some great mother/daughter like moments between Kara/Supergirl and Cat, such as Cat telling Kara that she needs to “pull up her big girl pants” and stand up to her new boss.  I really hate to see Calista go, as she is a true highlight who really brings a lot to the show, but it is good to hear that at least she will appear again from time to time.

Some other hits from the show include Winn (Jeremy Jordan) still being Winn. He seems to be having fun working at the DEO and good to see he’s still his lighthearted self, not taking things too seriously (which appears to disturb J’onn).  James Olson will be filling in for Cat and is still in the “friend zone” with Kara.  I’m actually glad to see that the relationship is put on hold as it did seem a bit rushed and, if they’re to really get together, would like to see it develop some more.  James does have something more coming to his character and will see what kind of reaction Kara will have if/when she finds out.

Finally, the episode ended with Kara telling the unconscious man in the pod (Chris Wood) that she wouldn’t let him be alone, and sensors beep and the man abruptly reaches out and grabs Kara by the throat. It is a crazy ending to the episode but definitely leaves you wanting more.

So far this season has come off hitting strong. Melissa Benoist continues to bring her A-Game to the Girl of Steel, which is perfect, and the supporting cast is looking to be stronger than before.  One might even say that this season the Supergirl team and The CW is looking “Stronger Together” and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Below is the trailer for Episode 3.





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