Fan Film Friday: Cable: Chronicles of Hope

Welcome to Fan Film Friday! This week I’m sharing a Fan Film featuring a few characters from the X-Men comics.  The film is, “Cable: Chronicles of Hope” and distributed through K&K Productions.

Synopsis is below, however if you wish to be surprised as to who shows up in the Fan Film, which I think is best, skip down to the Fan Film itself and enjoy.

“Inspired by the 2010 Marvel Comics crossover X-Men: Second Coming, the film follows Cable and Hope Summers (played by Solvi Fannar and Christine Lynn) as they return from the future to the present, where they encounter some factions that are not so fond of mutants.” 

The film, which was shot in only 2 days, is really well done. The story is interesting and Solvi and Christine do a fine job portraying Cable and Hope who have returned from the future to the present time.  However, the true highlight is when Grant Stevens shows up as Nightcrawler.  Just as in the X-Men 2 film, the appearance of Nightcrawler provides a spark to the film and the special effects when he teleports were a treat to the eye.  Great job and would love to see more!

  • Director/Writer/Producer – George Kirby and Harry Kirby
  • Cable – Solvi Fannar
  • Hope – Christine Lynn
  • Nightcrawler – Grant Stevens
  • Bishop – Philip Tommy

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