The Epic CW Crossover Event Promo: Heroes vs Aliens!

The CW has released an extended promo for the upcoming four-part “Invasion” crossover event involving Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  As previously mentioned, the alien race known as the Dominators are a technologically advanced race who sees the human race as a threat due to Earth’s tendency to generate metahumans (super powered humans).  Therefore, the human race must be eliminated.  Yikes!

So what should we expect for the largest crossover event in TV history? Expect some time travel as Supergirl is going to have to make her way over to the the Flash and Arrow’s timeline, Deathstroke in full uniform, an alien vs superhero battle of the ages, and quite possibly, “The Best Team Up Ever!”

Oh yes, this is going to be epic!

Heroes vs Aliens begins Monday November 28th and continues through Thursday, December 1st.  Don’t miss it!

DC Superheroes L to R: Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) and Grant Gustin (The Flash) Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - October, 27, 2016 Photograph by Art Streiber Gustin's Costumer: Elizabeth «Betty' Dubney; Hair: Sarah Koppes; Makeup: Tina Teoli; Benoist's Costumer: Nicole Bobick; Hair: Lisa Leonard; Makeup: Danielle Fowler; Amell's Costumer: Mary Hyde Kerr; Hair: Paul J. Edwards; Makeup: Tanya Howard; Producer: Adele Thomas Productions

*Images by Entertainment Weekly

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