Fan Film Friday – Hoshino (A Star Wars Fan Film)

Welcome to Fan Film Friday!  Here we have another Star Wars Fan Film to add to the pack of many.  However, do not be dissuaded as this is one of the finer entries in Star Wars Fan Film.  The film is, Hoshino, and is produced, directed, and edited by Stephan Vitale.

The film stars Anna Akana (Ant-Man) as Ko Hoshino, a blind Jedi Master who is impressively rebuilding a lightsaber while using the force. The film delivers flash back sequences to show how Hoshino came to be while under training with Jedi Jaan-Xu (Tim McKernan).

Overall this fan film is very well done with sound and special effects, direction, and acting, but I would say the strength is its story, which was written by Eric Carrasco (who just recently wrote the Supergirl episode “Survivors”).

If you have not already, give this one a watch, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Produced and Directed by Stephan Vitale
  • Written by Eric Carrasco
  • Anna Akana – Ko Hoshino
  • Tim Mckernan – Jaan-Xu
  • Eric Carrasco – Darth Oriax


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