Wonder Woman vs Wolverine: An Epic Super Power Beat Down

After what seemed like an eternity, the gang at Bat in the Sun have finally released their latest episode of “Super Power Beat Down” and it is one for the ages!  Marvel’s favorite mutant with the claws and healing factor, Wolverine, goes toe to toe with one of DC’s Trinity, the Amazon Warrior Wonder Woman.


This is the kind of battle fans want to see on film, a Marvel vs DC clash which includes two of the finest heroic icons. Thanks to the people at Bat in the Sun, we can see this happen.  Bat in the Sun produces the series, “Super Power Beat Down” (co created by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke) where fans debate, discuss and vote to decide who would win in such epic battles.  They have produced great battles such as Iron Man vs Optimus Prime, Thor vs Superman, and many more.

So can Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and mutant healing factor hold up against an Amazon Warrior with superhuman strength, speed and durability?  What, you think I’m telling you??  Watch and see what the fans decided and see my reaction to this epic battle below!

*Spoilers lie ahead so go watch the awesome battle if you haven’t already*

Overall this was an outstanding job by everyone involved with this episode.  The fighting was intense and exciting, along with great special effects.  I can almost feel the piercings and slashing of the blades myself.  Both actors (Jonathan Carroll as Wolverine and Tatiana DeKhtyar as Wonder Woman) did a great job portraying these fierce heroes in battle.  The heroes strength and weaknesses were exposed in great fashion and I couldn’t be more happy with the result (that’s how I voted anyways).  It was also a pleasure to see cameos of other fellow mutants within the episode which made it even that more special.  Hopefully we can see those characters in an upcoming episode as well.

So stand up and take a bow Bat in the Sun, I think you delivered your finest episode yet!


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