Fan Film Awards 2017: The Winners

fanfilmawards2017The Fan Film Awards for 2017 was held in Pasadena, California from Feb 7. thru Feb. 9th, where plenty of Fan Films were playing throughout the days ranging from kid themed to adult.  The awards ceremony was held on Feb. 10th.  The Award winning categories included:

  • Best Film: Lila Cheney – I will Steal Your Heart
  • Best Animation: The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story
  • Best Choreography: Uncharted (Norway)
  • Best Director: Turpin: Terrible Toys
  • Best Actress: Erika Hoveland – In Injustice For All
  • Best Actor: Alessio Fracchia – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Compass of the Seven Seas
  • Best Fan Representation: The Wanderer
  • Best Screenplay (Film): Man of Tomorrow by Kevin Torgence and Baptiste Bourdon
  • Best Script (Non Film): Caught in the Web by Shirley Napoleone

Congratulations to all the winners! For full information on the award nominations please go to the Fan Film Awards website.

Below you can watch the films that won for best Film and Best Animation.


Fans of Marvel Comics will instantly know the name, Lila Cheney as being the rock star mutant who was able to teleport. Greasy Pig Studios film, which was directed by Arvin Bautista, is a music video for Lila Cheney’s single, “I Will Steal Your Heart” and several of the New Mutants make an appearance as they sneak into the show.  Lila Cheney is played by Sage Montclair and does a great job while impressively showing similarities to Joan Jett.  Gentry Ross makes a return appearance as Dazzler.  She appeared in a previous fan film for her own video, the “The Sight of the Sound”.  Combining mutants from the Marvel Universe and some good music, “I Will Steal Your Heart” is a lot of fun.


Raymond Montemayor won at the Fan Film Awards 2016 with the live action/stop-motion feature “Star Wars Episode IV: A Toy Story” and this year, Raymond delivers another award winning feature with “The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story”. The film centers around a seven year old Star Wars fan that disobeys her father, due to lack of attention, which leads to a rebellion with his Star Wars toy collection.   Raymond continues to dazzle the fans with his stop motion animation and it appears the same stars from the last film (Edwin Frank Ortiz and Taylor Koster) continue their roles from the last film which is good to see.  Overall a fun film with great stop motion animation.  Also, I think Raymond must have known the secret to what that Tie Fighter in front of Jyn from the “Rogue One” trailer was to be used for, before ending up on the cutting room floor.

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