Fan Film Friday: Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear


The gang over at Nukazooka released a Fan Film last month which put everyone’s favorite villain from the Darkside against a boy’s favorite toy.  It is Darth Vader vs Buzz Lightyear in a fun 4 1/2 minute film.  I think you can pretty much predict the result here, but it is still fun to watch.

Obviously, not a film to be taken seriously, there are some funny moments and some reference to lines from the characters respected film franchises.  However, the true highlights are the special effects.  Darth Vaders lightsaber and Buzz Lightyear’s trusty laser are in full effect and they look great.  There are a few great “force” lifting scenes and every time Buzz tries to fly off it is a treat.  Sure Darth Vader’s costume and mannerism are a slight off but it really doesn’t take away from the fun here.  Also the end is especially joyful.

The creator states, “This was a bit of a passion project for me. I love both Toy Story and Star Wars, so it was a dream to combine the two”, which can be seen in the film.

Enjoy the fun below.


Andrew McMurry (Creator/Director/VFX)
Seth McMurry (Producer)
Stefan Smith (Soundtrack)
Derek Duncan (Buzz Lightyear)
Chase Rackley (Darth Vader)

You can also go directly to Nukazzoka’s YouTube page for more great videos.


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