Nokia 3310 Returns at MWC 2017


Nokia the Finnish tech company who brought us the Nokia 808 and Nokia N9 has officially returned to the smartphone race. It’s first announcement came back in February of this year with the reveal of the Nokia 6, a mid-range smartphone running stock Android and hosting an impressive set of specs, sturdy build and competitive pricing. However last week at Mobile World Congress 2017 three additional phones were unveiled to add to the lineup: The Nokia 3, 5 and 3310. The 3 and 5 are budget handsets both with decent specs and pricing structure. What really stole the show though was the reboot of the Nokia 3310, the classic that left its stamp on the industry. The original was bulky and awkward but a tank of a phone that could withstand the most harrowing of drops. Nokia fans thoroughly enjoyed it and you can still find some in the wild, I am fairly certain mine is lying around somewhere in a box. The reboot has trimmed down the 3310 making it more appealing to today’s audience. It has also added a color display and now comes in an assortment of vibrant hues. Additional specs include a 2.4 QVGA display, 2 MP camera, micro SD slot and an impressive battery life alleging a 31 day standby and 22 day talk time. Unlike the other 3 new devices the 3310 is running Nokia Series 30+ OS. As expected there isn’t much fluff. No fingerprint reader, no touchscreen just a basic featurephone but still quite capable. Something tells me it was brought back more for nostalgia and to get the old Nokia fans mouth watering. If your heart desires you can pick one up for €49 once it arrives in the second quarter of this year. It should be noted that Nokia phones are technically made by HMD Global but with Nokia branding, a somewhat controversial topic. Because of this it is argued that these new set of phones will lack true Nokia style and build which made the previous models so popular. However it should also be noted HMD does contain previous Nokia staff including the CEO Arto Nummela and the actual headquarters are located next to Nokia’s. It’s an understandable grievance but I for one am willing to give HMD a chance. Time will tell how true they will stay to the Nokia name,

Additionally, rumors had previously been circulating regarding a flagship model dubbed the Nokia P1 or 8, however there have been no comments or statements released from Nokia. It’s likely that this was simply gossip but it’s reasonable to assume that Nokia may have a high-end device in the works especially if they plan at all to compete in the Android market. Not only against the likes of Samsung but also up and coming brands such as Huawei who also announced the stunning P10 during the conference. Recently there have quite a few brands stepping up and releasing some quality devices. Nokia still has a large fan base and with many still loyal to the Nokia name a release of a flagship device sporting high-end specs and a premium camera could have an impact. I’m looking forward to see what else they have in store.



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