Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Review


The Resident Evil film franchise began with a promising start back in 2002 and has ended with a disappointing finish.  Needless to say, the film did not have great expectations.  The sequels have not been as good as the first film and so at the most, I had hoped this final entry to the franchise could match the first film to go out on a good note.  I mean look, it’s a zombie/monster video game film.  So coming into this movie, all I am looking for is some solid action against zombies and monsters.  That’s really it.  Did the film deliver this?  No.  And THAT is disappointing.

The film begins with Alice alone in a devastated Washington D.C., where she eventually is summoned by the Red Queen.  The Red Queen is the artificial intelligence program that manifests itself as a little girl (which is portrayed by Jovovich and Anderson’s daughter, Ever) and wants Alice (Milla Jovovich) to return to the hive in Raccoon City to retrieve a vial of the “airborne antivirus” which will globally kill the T-Virus. Throughout the film, there are plenty of zombies and monsters, especially a quite awesome winged creature, but the action, the fighting, in particular, was abysmal.  There were times I sat staring at fighting scenes fluttering about in front of me and wondered just what it was that I was watching.  It was as if Paul W.S. Anderson and company decided, “Let’s take the action scene we just filmed with various angles, throw it in a blender, then randomly put them back together.”  Yes. The editing was that bad.  Milla Jovovich, as the lead character Alice, would be in a fight, and the camera would sputter about from multiple angles 500 times in a span of 2 seconds leaving me in question as to what just happened.  It was terrible. There were even some scenes where it seemed Anderson was borrowing from Mad Max: Fury Road, but it did not come off nearly as good.


It was also a huge disappointment that fans of the series did not get to see the massive battle that was teased at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution, and the surviving characters from Resident Evil: Retribution (besides Ali Larter’s character Claire) were missing from this film.  After much build up in the previous films Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine and Claire’s brother Chris Redfield were all missing with no mention as to what happened to them.  Alice is the main character of the film series, but for fans of the video game series, it is a missed opportunity to see these characters in action on film one final time.  Speaking of that, Ali Larter’s character Claire may as well have been among the missing as she really did not provide any impact at all other than just being a familiar face, which is just sad for Ali Larter as in previous films her character stood out much more.

If there was any good here it was that the background of the Umbrella Corporation was revealed and the reason for the outbreak explained.  Milla also did a convincing job as the action hero Alice, as she usually does, it is just a shame that the action sequences she was in could not have been better.  The only other good here is that this film series has finally ended and hopefully we will see a reboot that can achieve better results than what we received here.

1.5 Star


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