Finding hardware for your temporal experiment just got easier.

For those of you that have been looking to go back to 1985 and make some much needed changes to your life things may soon get easier. O’Reilly Auto Parts recently posted brand new Flux Capacitor’s on their site, hardware which is extremely difficult to find. The one listed is a 1.21 Gigawatt model made by EB Enterprises which also has an upgrade kit available. Note however that they do not come packaged with a supply of Plutonium, which is required for time travel, nor does O’Reilly carry it so you’ll still have to scavenge that up from your local military base. Additionally you’ll also need a functioning DeLorean compatible with this model.

To cut down on the leg work and clicking just hop over to the site and search for product code 121G. Unfortunately, they currently have it listed as not available for purchase so you’ll have to keep checking back. Might be for the best though since we all know interfering with the space-time continuum can be dangerous.

Time travel at your own risk.

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