Two Steps From Hell “Unleashed” Digital Version to Fans


Two Steps from Hell, the band creating music of classical, ethnic, and rock elements, have released their thirteenth public album today titled, “Unleashed”, and is in digital version only.  “Unleashed”, follows the great epic album, “Vanquish”, and is only the third public release to only contain entirely new songs of their epic/trailer music.  As a bonus, this includes alternate mixes of all the tracks.

Composers Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, have split the tracks evenly this time around with ten tracks each and with the alternate tracks included, this is the largest public album released.

Felicia Farerre returns as one of the main vocalists again after such wonderful work on Battlecry and Vanquish.  This time she appears on seven tracks.  I am certain that all fans (including myself) will also welcome the return of Merethe Soltvedt, who did not provide vocals for the last release “Vanquish”, but is back again for two of the tracks.  Other vocalists include C. C. White, Linea Adamson, and Uyanga Bold.  Composer Nick Phoenix also adds his vocals again for a couple of tracks.

You can find a digital version today at Amazon and iTunes or you can wait for the three-disc CD version to release soon, which is what I tend to do so expect a review once that is released.



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